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Who are we.

FloorBest company is a leader in commercial flooring with 10 years of experience. We deal with the sale and arrangement of: linoleum, laminate, parquet board, rubber and carpet coverings, raised floors, industrial, special and sports coatings. The company also offer and provides services for instalation dropped ceilings AMF, Griliato and offers a wide range of building mixes and materials.

Our mission.

We will help you to choose the optimal floor covering that will maximally goals your needs, saving you time and money

  • We love what we do, and we always aim for high standards.
Our principles.
The key to a successful partnership
The principle of alternatives
We are always ready to offer alternative methods for implementing our customers' ideas.
The principle of information completeness
The information we use and what we expect from our customers is clear, competent and timely.
The principle of customer success
We offer our clients comprehensive and optimal solutions that help them achieve maximum success without wasting extra money, and most importantly - precious time.
The principle of time-saving
We value our time and time of our customers. We make every effort to ensure that our customers' wishes are always realized within the timeframe set by them.
The principle of positive feedback
Every day we work to improve the positive image of our company by fulfilling the most diverse orders at a consistently high level.
Quality is our main value