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We all bought brand new smartphones. And the more expensive the device, the more attentive we are to its safety. In this we are helped by mobile covers, protective glass, etc.

Something similar happens when installing a new floor covering. After all, it also needs care and protection. Especially in places that are close to the entrances and exits of the room, access areas on the ground floors, exits from stairwells and elevators. After all, up to 90% of dirt is brought into the room on the soles of shoes and wheels of carts.

This not only harms the aesthetic appearance of the room, but also destroys the coating itself, reducing its service life. Cleaning companies are often used to restore novelty and clean coatings. And this is not cheap at first, and secondly does not solve the problem, because after the next downpour your coating will suffer again. And in a few years it will have to be completely dismantled.

The FloorBest company has considerable experience not only of installation of a floor covering, but also the subsequent service and cleaning. That is why we understand the need for dirt cleaning systems.

Based on the same experience from hundreds of offers, we chose the best in price and quality (all offers here)

Want to know more – call: (067) 642-55-43, our managers will be happy to advise you

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