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What is natural linoleum. What does it consist of, where is it used and what are the main features. In this article we will try to answer all your questions.

First, let’s deal with the concept of “natural linoleum”. There is a certain confusion of concepts here. What do we mean? And the fact that most of the coating, which we mean by the word “linoleum” are simple PVC coatings. To put it simply: it is the artificial equivalent of natural linoleum made of polyvinyl chloride. In this article we will be interested in natural linoleum, or, as it is also called – eco-linoleum. The technique of making natural linoleum has not changed significantly for 150 years. This material is made up of several main components:

  • Flaxseed oil
  • Wood flour
  • Harness base
  • Natural resin
  • Limestone

This composition provides natural linoleum with a number of extremely useful technical properties. Namely:

  • antibacterial: natural linoleum is not a favorable environment for bacteria to multiply.
  • Flawless environmental friendliness: there is no need to explain, the composition speaks for itself 🙂
  • Abrasion resistance
  • No harmful emissions

All of the above arguments put natural linoleum on top in the world of flooring. Especially at a time when we understand the value and indispensability of environmental products in today’s world. Surrounded everywhere by artificial materials, our body needs rest.

Most often, natural linoleum is used in children’s places: kindergartens and schools; medical institutions, especially in maternity hospitals; modern offices where the health of employees is taken care of; catering establishments and living quarters.

If you decide to use natural linoleum as a floor covering, FloorBest specialists will help you in the selection and arrangement of the material.

There are not many manufacturers of natural linoleum in the world. Among them are Forbo (available collections), Tarkett (available collections) and Gerflor DLW (available collections). No matter which natural linoleum manufacturer you choose, you will be satisfied with the floor covering.

See how to lay natural linoleum here: Laying natural linoleum L’amour de trois. Pancakes, wine, movies. (video).

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