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Choosing flooring for cafes and restaurants is not an easy task. There are many factors that immediately reject this or that coating: crazy wear resistance (it is useless to talk about the huge passability of cafes and restaurants), resistance to damage (imagine an elegant woman who walks confidently, destroying the floor with heels :)) resistance to dirt and lightness cleaning, the possibility of quick and easy replacement (if necessary), and of course the design! Not all floor coverings will cope with such task.

As a floor for cafe and restaurant, in our opinion, 2 options are possible:

  • self-leveling floor
  • vinyl tile (LVT)

We will tell about the first variant in a separate article. But let’s focus on vinyl flooring more.

Vinyl tile (or quartz-vinyl, as it is also called) is a type of particularly strong heterogeneous (ie, consisting of several layers) PVC coating. It is not as elastic as other PVC. A special upper protective layer is responsible for titanic wear resistance.

As already mentioned, vinyl coating consists of several layers:

2 layers of a calender basis – they provide durability of a covering and absence of traces from heels and legs of furniture
Fiberglass provides stability of linear dimensions, placed between the calender layers
Layer with applied design
Working layer – its thickness provides greater or lesser wear resistance

Вінілова підлога

LVT is available in the form of tiles and slats. This feature facilitates and speeds up its installation. Also, this format is best for logistics. After all, there is a difference in the delivery of a heavy roll of PVC and a small package of vinyl coating.

Regarding the technical characteristics of vinyl floors, the classification of wear resistance of such floors according to ISO 10874 is 34/43 classes. The thickness of the protective layer varies from 0.5 mm to 1 mm and more (depending on the manufacturer and collection). You will not see traces of roller chairs or furniture legs on the vinyl floor. Sheels are not afraid of her either. Vinyl coating can be used with underfloor heating.

There are two ways to install a vinyl floor: glue and click system (for special locks, something like laying laminate). Both an experienced craftsman and a beginner in this field will be able to understand the laying of vinyl flooring.

Today there are several high-quality manufacturers of vinyl flooring. Among the most common companies are Tarkett, Forbo and Green flor. The range of goods and prices are at this link.

Given the modularity and incredible durability of vinyl coating, it is used in places with heavy traffic and high traffic, as:

  • cafes, restaurants, canteens, hotels (checkpoints)
  • Offices
  • Educational / medical institutions
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturers offer a huge number of vinyl flooring designs: stone, marble, wood, abstraction, lines, monotonous colors.

In addition, you can choose the structure of the vinyl floor: smooth, the structure of wood or natural stone

To summarize. One of the best flooring options for cafes and restaurants is vinyl flooring. After all, it has a number of advantages that you will not find in other types of coverage for a relatively reasonable price.

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