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The office is where most of us work. In fact, we all spend much of our lives in the office. That is why it is necessary to arrange it correctly and comfortably. The work process also depends on it, because in a comfortable office the employee has no unnecessary external factors that would harm his work.

When arranging an office, a special place is occupied by the choice of flooring. It shapes the face and atmosphere of the office space. The floor covering for office should be not only functional, but also promote work process.

FloorBest has been operating in the flooring market for many years. Our specialists have “eaten their teeth” in this area. They identify the 3 best types of flooring for office space. Here they are:

  • Flotex from Forbo (collections to choose here)
  • Carpet tiles (choose collections here)
  • Natural linoleum (collections to choose here)

The first coating entered the Ukrainian market relatively recently, but has already proven itself as a unique material. It is used in premium offices. This is Flotex from Forbo – a hybrid of carpet and PVC coating. Externally, it is no different from the carpet, but combines the functional advantages of PVC coating. Briefly about the benefits of Flotex flooring for office space

  1. Incredible wear resistance – per 1 m2 of Flotex there are more than 80 million pieces of nylon flocks (villi) – simply, if you spill any liquid (coffee, tea, etc.), its coating simply will not absorb. It will be easy to erase with a simple piece. Regarding wear resistance: FloorBest conducted an endurance test. Flotex was laid in the passage area on the 1st floor of the office, near the elevators and the black exit. After six months of intensive operation, the coating has proven to be extremely durable. Simple vacuuming was enough to give it its original appearance.
  2. Antibacterial and clean – special treatment of this coating for the office inhibits the growth of saprophytic bacteria. This material is also suitable for people with allergies.
  3. Functionality – the material is available in both rolls and tiles
  4. A huge number of designs – in addition to the hundreds of designs offered by the manufacturer, the customer can choose which design to print on Flotex – making your own office unique.

Carpet tiles are probably the most used floor covering for offices. Among its advantages: functionality, durability, comfort, many design solutions, ease of cleaning and replacement. The price of carpet is mostly more pleasant than Flotex. One of the negative factors in offices is noise. Carpet tiles dissipate and eliminate noise, providing a comfortable working atmosphere.

FloorBest has hundreds of sold offices. You can find some of them here.

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