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2019 is behind us. In the new 2020, new accomplishments and victories await.

Meanwhile, in the first days of January there is time to remember the brightest projects implemented by FloorBest specialists.

Prepare a delicious time, stock up on cookies and go to projects:

Few people know, but in Lviv there are sports grounds, with a coating that meets the best world standards. One of them was opened at the gymnasium “Dyvosvit” (in the market “Southern”). Haro Helsinki eco sports parquet is arranged here. This coating has all the necessary certificates (for those in the subject: DIN 18032-2 (2001) and EN 14904 (2007) and meets the quality control RAL GZ 942 also certified certified DIN Standard and EN). Back in 1996, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) certified this coating and recommended it for use on sports fields.

The administration of the Dyvosvit gymnasium is extremely meticulous in the arrangement of the educational institution. After all, this is a guarantee of the health of children who study there. That is why the Haro Helsinki eco sports parquet was chosen to equip the sports arena.

There are no analogues of this project in Western Ukraine. A large-scale business center consisting of eight buildings, thousands of employees and tens of thousands of square meters of office space. All this is a business city “Technopark”.

FloorBest took a comprehensive approach to the arrangement of floor coverings, as well as walls and ceilings. Our specialists have carefully studied the functional needs for this facility. LOGA raised floor allows installation, maintenance and dismantling of various types of communications, and also provides easy access to them.

Carpet tiles Desso ESSENCE and Desso Stratos with their numerous designs and color variations allowed to create a whimsical design. Excellent technical characteristics make this tile resistant to furniture legs and chair rollers.

The first thing that comes to mind when you visit the fitness club Sport Life on Instrumentalnaya is comfort, functionality and incredible space. The latter are allocated for 3 squash courts, Olympic-style pool + children’s pool and infant pool, children’s fitness academy and bath lounge with 4 baths, with Cross Training area and a fighting club with springs and pears, Gym and fitness studio .

Many sites with different functionality, for different sports require a special approach to the choice of coverage. That is why the Tarkett sports PVC coating Omnisports Reference 6.5 (V65) and the Tarkett NEW ACCZENT TERRA PVC coating were chosen.
In addition, our specialists have drawn and marked the hall of playing sports.

Limited Liability Company “Elektrokontakt Ukraine” is a division of the German company “Elektrokontakt GmbH”, which belongs to the world-famous French concern Nexans. European standards and norms are not an empty phrase for this company. Especially when your customers are Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Opel, Mini. The capsule was laid by the President of Ukraine at the construction site of the Brody production unit of Electrocontact Ukraine LLC. First of all, it is about the threat of static electricity and mechanical loads. FloorBest specialists together with STO experts have proposed the STOPox KU 601 epoxy conductive floor.

Are you looking for a delicious craft beer? The company Floorbest advises hops born on the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains in the village. Yeast. The best world experience was used in the Tsypa brewery. The quality is guaranteed by the German Braumeister equipment.

Beer production requires appropriate conditions. Especially for flooring. That is why the specialists of FloorBest have arranged the epoxy floor STOPox BB OS. This surface is resistant to heavy pedestrian and heavy traffic. It has high resistance to mechanical and chemical damage.

In addition, the surface has a good aesthetic appearance and is easy to clean.

Інші новини.