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This is not just a hostel, it’s a hostel with a special philosophy. This is what the DREAM Hostels network, which is part of DREAM Hostel Lviv, is positioning itself.

Here you will find everything from hotels and hostels. Perhaps this is why the network of DREAM Hostels spread not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. Particularly in Prague, Warsaw, Bratislava, Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Khmelnytsky and Rahov.

To create comfort in DREAM Hostel Lviv we have used the best materials. Tarkett – Art Vinyl Lounge has increased wear and tear and functionality. The material is scratch-resistant, moisture-proof and furniture legs.

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Бутик-готель “Sherlock Holmes Hotel”
Готельний комплекс “Золота Гора”. Тенісні корти
Ferenc Hotel & Restaurant
Hotel complex “Three sons and daughter”
Panorama Hotel
Grand Hotel Lviv Luxury & Spa
Galytska Korona Hotel and Restaurant Complex
Eurohotel Lviv
L’Amour de trois. Pancakes, wine and cinema