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Grand Hotel Lviv Luxury & Spa – is one of Lviv’s oldest hotels. Founded in 1893, it was (and remains) the most comfortable, probably in the whole of Western Ukraine. Neo-baroque interiors and luxurious rooms always attracted not only the Lviv community, but also celebrities from all around the world.


New life in Grand Hotel began in 2018. Reopening of hotel has become a major event in the city life. Citizens watched enthusiastically with eminent guests on the red carpet: singers Dzidzio, Maria Yaremchuk, Zlata Ognevich, TV presenter Katia Osadcha and Yuri Gorbunov, football player Artem Fedetsky. Also, deputies Bogdan Dubnevich, Dmitry Dobrodomov, representatives of the authorities of Lviv region and Hollywood star Paris Hilton.

Establishing such a level requires the best materials. It was here that the FloorBest company appeared in the history of the Grand Hotel. Our managers were able to pick up and arrange material for the best hotel in Lviv.

In particular were used, AMF Thermatex Acoustic, AMF Thermatex Aquatec. acoustic panels, NORA Noraplan uni tile, Carpet Lano Satine, Tapibel Hotel Collection, Tapibel Tapi-lon.

Used products.
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