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It was one of the best our reference project. Maternity house “Leleka” is well known throughout the country due to the up-to-date conditions and professionalism of the staff working here. The birth of a child is a special moment for the family. And in the hospital “Leleka” will do everything to ensure that you have only positive memories of this event.

How do we know about this? Because of a scrupulous attitude to the smallest details, when this institution was erected. Architects and designers have used the best material. We use natural (fully ecological) Linoleum DLW Marmorette PUR, rubber cover Nora Noraplan Uni, Nora Norament 926 Grano (king in the world of flooring), ultra-functional PVC coating DLW Royal Conductive, DLW Royal PUR, DLW Scala 40 PUR, DLW Scala 55 PUR Wood

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