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Modern sports arena is not inferior to the best European counterparts. The latest coverage, created according to all world standards, where various international competitions are held. There are few such places in Ukraine.

It was not until recently. In 2018, in a small Transcarpathian town of Tyachiv, a modern sports arena was opened according to all European standards. Different kinds of sports games and competitions require increased safety and wear resistance. That is why FloorBest experts have suggested to use the premium class sports parquet Haro Helsinki 10.

Today, besides the competition, few hundred students are trained here every day: one round is completed, the other begins. Coaches also do not restrain joy, because the modern hall allows you to perform the necessary exercises

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Багатофункціональний спортивний майданчик з EPDM крихти
Спортивний зал у ЗОШ N28 (м. Тернопіль)
Спортивна арена гімназії “Дивосвіт” (ринок “Південний”, м. Львів)
Спортивний майданчик. с. Солонка
Sport Life Fitness Club (Spartak)
“Yunist” Sport Palace in Zaporizhzhia
Fitness Club “Sport Life” (Optima Plaza Business Park)
Sports Complex “Starfit”
Shopping complex “Gracia” (Pivdennyj market)
Sports hall of the agroindustrial holding “Myronivsky Khliboproduct”