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of floor coverings.

Preparation of the base and professional installation are the key for a long-term using  of any floor covering. FloorBest provides the following services:

  • filling self-leveling mix (special tools);
  • installation of plywood and OSB in order to level the floor;
  • arrangement of linoleum, laminate, carpet and rubber cover, parquet board, arrangement of raised floor;
  • installation of the baseboard and the output of the covering on the wall;
  • disassembling old coatings.

of sports coatings.

Floorbest offers a wide range of sports coatings for both indoor and outdoor applications. We guarantee professional arrangement, provide warranty service and carry out repair work of all types of sports coatings.

  • installation of sports parquet;
  • installation of natural linoleum;
  • installation of synthetic grass;
  • installation of EPDM systems.

Pouring of topping
and concrete floors..

The scope of industrial flooring is a space with the higher requirements for strength and load resistance. We offer:

  • arrangement of concrete screeds and screeds with topping coating;
  • grinding of a rough concrete bond with a grinder, which prevents the spread of dust;
  • restoration of concrete bases;
  • “decontamination” and strengthening of old concrete bases with polymers;
  • arrangement of epoxy and polyurethane coatings;
  • arrangement of polyurethane-cement coatings.

of dropped ceilings.

FloorBest is a team of professionals with many years of experience. Dropped ceilings are the perfect solution for office space, meeting rooms, cinemas, as well as high-sanitation facilities such as hospitals, dental offices, kindergartens and schools.

We offer professional mounting of world-class ceiling systems:

  • arrangement of suspended ceilings AMF;
  • arrangement of the metal suspended ceiling Griliato;
  • arrangement of a rail ceiling;
  • arrangement of acoustic ceiling rafts and baffles.

Installation of Heradesign
acoustic systems.

FloorBest company provides acoustic systems Heradesign installation services. Can be fixed to a wooden supporting frame mounted in a step of 600 mm.

Installation of Heradesign acoustic panels on the ceiling can be done by fastening panels to the wooden carrier frame.

Heradesign panel fix to the walls on wooden frame using self-tapping screws or nails using a pneumatic construction pistol.

The Heradesign panels can be mounted on a standard metal frame for gypsum plasterboard systems.

Cleaning service.

FloorBest company provides cleaning services for following floor coverings: linoleum, carpet, rubber cover, vinyl flooring, etc. We use only professional detergents and equipment. Cleaning is carried out according with the rules and recommendations of the manufacturer.

The team of professionals will take care of the cleanliness and appearance of your floor.

Компанія "ФЛООР БЕСТ".

Займається продажем й улаштуванням: лінолеуму, ламінату, паркетної дошки, каучукових і килимових покриттів, фальшпідлоги, промислових, спеціальних і спортивних покриттів. Компанія також реалізує і надає послуги з улаштування підвісних стель AMF, Armstrong, Griliato. Компанія “ФЛООР БЕСТ” пропонує широкий вибір будівельних сумішей, матеріалів для декоративного оздоблення стін, фарб. При потребі компанія надає дизайнерський супровід, послуги та рішення. На всі види робіт надається гарантійне та після гарантійне обслуговування

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