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Conductive flooring is a high-tech system of floor coverings, designed specifically to reduce the formation of static charge and discharge charge from rooms sensitive to static electricity.
In areas where there are high-precision mechanisms and devices – the right choice of flooring is critical for the operation of all equipment. The coating not only removes electrostatic charge from personnel and equipment, but also reduces the amount of electrostatic charge in those places where it occurs – when the sole of the shoe rubs against the floor.

Conductive coating guarantees increased safety in rooms with high-precision electronic equipment. The main premises where such a coating is used are:

  • operating rooms, ultrasound, MRI, CT, intensive care units;
  • clean rooms, such as pharmaceutical production, where it is necessary to avoid the attraction of dust with a static charge on the floor surface;
  • server, data centers, hardware, IT offices, computer classes;
  • high-tech productions, research laboratories, radar stations, flight control centers, explosive premises.

The conductive coating contains in its structure graphite threads that form a characteristic grid on the surface. According to the standards, it must be at least 10%. When a charge is formed, it is instantly transmitted through graphite to the copper strip, and through it goes to the ground circuit. It is important when installing this type of coating to use a special conductive adhesive. It is possible to lay a conductive coating on the raised floor.

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