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Today in Ukraine reconstruction is carried out and many new indoor sports grounds are created. One of the most important elements of a sports ground is a floor covering. After all, the health of those who work out on the sports field depends on the latter. In the Ukrainian market, sports linoleum (and in fact – sports PVC), manufactured by the international company Tarkett at a plant near Kalush, has proven itself. It is available in three thicknesses under the Omnisport brand.

Why choose Tarkett Omnisport sports linoleum? First of all, it is a much nicer price compared to sports flooring. In addition, a combination of excellent characteristics, excellent functionality and versatility of this floor covering played a role.

About the distinctive features: the Tarkett Omnisport sports PVC combines a perfect balance of damping, vertical deformation, sliding, vertical bounce of the ball and resistance to dents. The upper polyurethane protective layer of sports PVC allows inexpensive and as simple as possible to carry out the cleaning process.

This set of characteristics is provided primarily by a special structure Tarkett Omnisport.

  • it is based on a foamed fine-porous layer of PVC. It is responsible for the cushioning properties of the sports surface and sound absorption.
  • Fiberglass. Provides stability of the linear sizes
  • wear-resistant layer. Here it is clear from the name. Responsible for the stability of the coating and ensures its shelf life.
  • The top polyurethane layer. We have already talked about it above
  • The versatility of the Tarkett Omnisport lies in the possibility of its use for various purposes. These are game sports: futsal, basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton, table tennis

And for a variety of gymnastics or fitness classes, or dancing.

There are three main types of this collection:

  1. Tarkett Omnisport SPEED 3.45 mm – this variety is recommended for table tennis halls, because it is not important to cushion the floor, no jumps.
  2. Tarkett Omnisport REFERENCE 6.5 mm – has high wear resistance. Depreciation of this type of sports PVC is more than 26%. It is best suited for universal gyms – for playing sports, gymnastics and physical training.
  3. Tarkett Omnisport EXCEL 8.3 – the best solution for semi-professional and professional target sites and sites. The depreciation rate for this coating is around 32-34%.

FloorBest has implemented dozens of projects using these coatings. Apparently, many readers are familiar with the fitness halls of the Sport Life network. Pay attention to the playground flooring. Most likely, you will have Tarkett Omnisport PVC sports under your feet.


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