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Now it is difficult to find a person who is not interested in sports at all. Football, volleyball, basketball, handball, tennis – there are many to choose from. We are fascinated by the skill of athletes. But one skill when it comes to sports is not enough. Each of us often likes to run football or jump in volleyball, and then you realize how huge a role is played by the coverage on which a particular sport is held. One bad move – and injuries are inevitable.

To prevent this, you need to use special sports coatings. Today it is:

  • sports parquet
  • sports linoleum
  • artificial grass
  • EPDM rubber crumb

In this article, we will focus mainly on sports linoleum and parquet. Because they are used indoors, and most of them.

The top in the world of sports coverings is considered to be a sports parquet. It is mainly produced by two companies: HARO and Tarkett. If the latter is only gaining momentum in this direction, then HARO parquet has long been known around the world and is used in the best sites in Europe and the United States.

Features of a sports parquet are:

  • its environmental friendliness
  • ease of installation
  • possibility to mount and dismantle many times (here is an example of such a field in Ukraine)
  • most conducive to the health of the athlete

Sports parquet is possible in the format of a modular covering. That is, if necessary, it can be disassembled and folded elsewhere. This coating consists of several main layers: insulating, elastic, sports parquet modular type. HARO assures the compatibility of the use of sports flooring and underfloor heating systems.

Below are the facilities sold by FloorBest with sports flooring:

Palace of Sports “Youth” in Zaporozhye.
Sports arena of Dyvosvit gymnasium (Pivdennyi market, Lviv).
Sports complex “Sports Arena” Tyachiv.

As already mentioned, sports flooring is most popular in Europe (especially in Germany, where extremely strict requirements for flooring) and the United States. In the country of Eastern Europe sports linoleum is more popular. The market leader here is Tarkett with its Omnisport collection. This coating is much cheaper than sports flooring, and is its alternative. Tarkett Omnisport has slightly lower depreciation and performance than sports flooring, but also meets the relevant European standards.

The advantage of sports linoleum is a large number of designs, which are not present in sports flooring.

Today, most indoor gyms in Ukraine are equipped with the Tarkett Omnisport collection. Here are some of them:

Fitness club Sport Life (STRC “Spartak”).
Fitness club “Sport Life” (Business Park “Optima Plaza”).
Sports hall in secondary school N28 (Ternopil).

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