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Sport is good. But often doing this or that sport, we do not think about safety. First of all, you need to be interested in the quality of the floor covering, because most injuries in sports are related to this factor.

Today, many indoor sports grounds are being reconstructed throughout Ukraine: in schools, kindergartens, universities, enterprises or sports and recreation complexes. There is a need to find an alternative to the old Soviet wood flooring. Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of such coatings. Today we will focus on one of them – sports linoleum (sports PVC).

Let’s understand what is sports linoleum, what are its characteristics and where it is used. And at the end of the article we present projects using this coating implemented by FloorBest.

Sports linoleum (sports PVC) is a type of PVC coating with improved cushioning, deformation, slip and other properties, designed for heavy loads (such as sports). Ultimately, this coating reduces the risk of injury and bruising when playing a sport.

When choosing a floor for sports or fitness rooms, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

Depreciation: This property improves the athlete’s comfort in training, reducing the risk of injury.
Vertical deformation: the coating should not be too soft and not too hard.
Ball bounce: The coating should absorb the blow, but at the same time ensure the proper level of the ball bounce.
Slippery: this also requires optimal performance.

Sports linoleum is used in fitness halls for gymnastics, aerobics, dance and for sports:

  • futsal
  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • handball
  • table tennis
  • badminton

Today, the leader in the production of this type of coating is the company Tarkett. In particular, the Tarkett Omnisport collection in three different thicknesses. We are sure that everyone who reads this article hasencountered this coverage. In particular, in the Ukrainian network of fitness clubs Sport Life, where it is widely used ..

(You can learn more about these collections and the cost of m2 here)

And below, as promised, we will give examples of implemented indoor sports grounds, where actually used sports linoleum.

Starfit Sports Complex
Fitness club “Sport Life”
Fitness club “Sport Life” (Business Park “Optima Plaza”)
Fitness club Sport Life (STRC “Spartak”)
Sports hall in secondary school N28 (Ternopil)

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