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80,000,000 nylon flocks 6.6 per 1 m2.

This is not the beginning of a futuristic novel, but a description of a unique floor material that has no analogues. Flotex from Forbo is a flexible covering, something between a carpet material and linoleum. From the outside and to the touch, it resembles a carpet. The qualitative difference lies in the functional characteristics of this coating.

Flotex from Forbo is:

  • titanic wear resistance
  • hygiene, which you will not find in any of the carpet collections.
  • water resistance
  • sound absorption
  • comfort to the touch
  • significant service life: the carpet here also does not compete
  • many collections and the ability to apply your own print

And now more about each of these characteristics of Flotex flooring.

No wonder we wrote about “titanic wear resistance”, because we personally tested this coating. For the experiment, FloorBest specialists arranged Flotex on the ground floor of the school, near the stairwells and elevator exits. In the height of the school season, especially in the spring, dirt and mud were washed away from Flotex without much effort, with simple cleaning.

Don’t you believe? Then our manager will be happy to give you a tour so that you can see for yourself. (We are not kidding, dial 067 642 5543 and you will see for yourself)

Hygienic and anti-allergenic coating due to the peculiarities of its composition (read more about the composition of Flotex below). Nylon fibers trap allergens and dust from the air. Then all this dirt can be removed by dry and wet cleaning. Flotex flooring is also resistant to mold and odors

Nylon fibers (remember as many as 80,000,000 flocks of nylon 6.6 per 1 m2 !!!) are so dense that they do not absorb moisture. And, here it is important for office premises, even if this moisture – coffee or tea. Contact us and our manager will come with a sample where we will show you this feature of Flotex in action. 🙂

Peculiarities of Flotex flooring composition have led to its excellent sound insulation and aesthetic characteristics. In this respect, Flotex is similar to a carpet. This material provides shock absorption of 20 dB.

Another qualitative difference of Flotex from other coatings is a lot of designs and color variations (you can get acquainted with them here). Moreover, if necessary, you can order your own design, which, at the factory, will be applied to Flotex (learn more from the managers of FloorBest).

In the photos below are some fantasies with real Flotex designs

And now, as promised about the composition of Flotex flooring. The basis is PVC reinforced with a fiberglass mesh. Then a layer of non-woven fiberglass and glue on which are placed the so-called nylon 6.6 flocks (villi). Their incredible density provides most of the quality characteristics of Flotex flooring.

Summarizing all the above: for which premises is Flotex most suitable? It:

  • office space
  • educational, medical, recreational institutions
  • public institutions and so on

Flotex is used wherever you want to mix the beauty / comfort of carpet and the durability / functionality of PVC.

Flotex flooring is available in rolls, tiles and slats. The roll measuring 2×30 m has a thickness of 4.3 mm. Tiles measuring 50×50 cm are available in a thickness of 5.3 mm. The greater thickness of the tile is due to the coarser PVC substrate. The straps are available in sizes 100×25 cm.

And finally. Another marker of the quality of this coating is the place of its production – it’s factories in Britain and France. That is why Flotex meets all European safety and hygiene requirements.

Інші новини.