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Linoleum is one of the best materials for flooring. Among its main advantages:

  • Durability
  • A huge number of designs
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Cheap and cost-effective coverage
  • Low noise
  • Relative ease of laying

Today we will tell briefly everything concerning the last point: laying of linoleum. This process requires good preparation. Before we start work, carefully study the space of Youtube. There are hundreds of videos on this topic.

Stages of instalation linoleum:

  1. Preparation of the basis
  2. Preparation of tools and materials
  3. Laying linoleum
  4. Adhesion of seams

The concrete basis is best for laying of linoleum. However, you can also stack on wood. Here, remember the first rule of laying linoleum – the base should be smooth, without cracks and dents. Only by filling the cracks and repairing individual areas can you continue working. To achieve ideal results, it is recommended to fill the base with self-leveling mixtures.

To lay linoleum, you need to stock up on special materials and tools.

Materials for laying linoleum:

  • putty
  • primer
  • glue for linoleum
  • linoleum
  • cord for soldering

Tools for laying linoleum

  • vacuum cleaner
  • grinder
  • spatula
  • than for trimming linoleum
  • metal roller
  • primer roller
  • special dryer with a nozzle for welding seams

We made sure that all available material and tools are available and go to work!

Let’s say you have already chosen linoleum (if not, then here you can find the best options). Before laying it is necessary to prime a basis. Remember – it is already perfectly smooth and without defects. After the primer dries, apply a special glue. To apply it, we recommend using a notched trowel.

It usually takes a few hours for the glue to dry. Then we actually lay linoleum. Here we need a metal roller. With its help we smooth the surface and expel air from under the linoleum.

Then the next stage – welding seams. There are two types of welding – cold and hot. In our case, consider hot welding – it is more reliable and more stable (we want the material to last as long as possible :)). Then cut off the excess solder cord.

That’s it, the floor is ready. This is the main stages of laying linoleum. Here, unfortunately, not everything is described in detail. Each linoleum and each base requires an individual approach. This provides the ideal option.

If you need to install linoleum, FloorBest experts with many years of experience are ready to help you. Contact tel. (067) 642-55-43.

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