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Vinyl flooring, or vinyl flooring, what it is and where it is used. In this article we will try to briefly and point by point explain everything you need to know about this type of floor.

To put it simply, vinyl flooring is one of the types of heterogeneous (multilayer) PVC coating (popularly PVC is just linoleum). This is a kind of “terminator” in the world of PVC. The difference from the rolled PVC coating is:

  • increased strength of vinyl floors
  • increased moisture resistance
  • incredible, almost legendary, wear resistance
  • functionality: vinyl coatings are modular, ie available in the form of tiles and slats.

Where are vinyl coatings used? Wherever there is extremely heavy traffic, or the risk of mechanical damage to the floor. Namely:

  • Public premises
  • Offices
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Commercial premises

The composition of the vinyl coating includes: fiberglass, calender base (PVC filler), the layer on which the pattern is applied, and the top protective layer. As a result, we get a material that is not afraid of moisture, sand, furniture legs and heels.

Functionality should be mentioned separately. Vinyl coatings are available in the form of tiles (square) and slats (rectangles). This allows you to mix different designs to create a unique picture. Also, if necessary, it is possible to replace a damaged bar or tile without unnecessary problems.

Floorbest sells a wide range of vinyl floors. Also, if necessary, our masters will mount it for you.

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